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  • What is the route?
    The 50km and 25km Queen of the Suburbs Ultra routes will be revealed soon - follow us on social media to be first to hear
  • When is the event?
    The first Queen of the Suburbs Ultra will be on Saturday 23 March 2024. Start times will be confirmed but likely to be between 7am and 11am
  • How much is entry?
    Early bird entry (available until 31 January 2024 is £79 for Ultra 50k and £45 for Trail 25k. Entry fees increase to General level from 1 February 2024 (£84 and £49 respectively). Please note, transaction fees from the registration platform are added to the above.
  • How do I log in to my Race Nation account?
    To log in to your account, to change details, add merchandise, transfer etc - please follow the steps listed in this link:
  • Can I transfer my place?
    Yes, you can transfer your place - either to someone else or to a different distance. Transfers need to be completed before 23:45 Sunday 10 March 2024. A £10 transfer fee will apply and be paid by the person entering. Full guidelines for transfers here. Transferring to a new Entrant To transfer your entry you will need to log into your MyRaceNation account with the email address that you used to sign up to the event If you've never logged in before click Logging in for the first time , enter the email address you registered with, agree to the T&C and click Claim Account When you have successfully logged in, you will need to locate the entry you wish to transfer and click on the Transfer button. Select Transfer to another entrant You will then be asked to enter the email address of the person you wish to transfer to and select Start transfer. This will automatically send an email invite to the new entrant Once the person you're transferring to receives the email, they must click the Start Your Transfer and complete their details. Please note if the event organiser has applied a transfer fee this will need to be paid for by the person accepting the transfer. When they have completed their registration they will automatically be entered in the event and the original entry will be cancelled. Please note no refunds are processed. Payment will need to be arranged between yourself and the new entrant taking over the entry.
  • Is there a baggage service?
    Yes, small bags can be left with our team at the start of the event. Your small bags will be taken by us to the finish location, for you to collect at the end of your run. There is no charge for this service. You will be given a bag tag as part of your race pack, which is collected on arrival at the event. The bag tag should be secured to your bag in a prominent position.
  • Can I cancel or defer my place?
    If you purchased the Refund Protect insurance on entry, then you may be able to make a claim on that insurance. Please see further information here. To make a claim, click here. Please note Refund Protect is not event cancellation insurance and will not cover you from COVID-19. If you did NOT buy the Refund Protect insurance, you are able to transfer your place (please see above FAQ). You can cancel your place, by emailing us at However, no refund is due. If you cancel your place before the event, we will send you a discount code for the next Queen of the Suburbs Ultra event. We do NOT offer the ability to defer to a future event.
  • Can I change my start time?
    The start times are arranged based on your estimated completion time. This is arranged so all participants have the best opportunity to finish the event before the cut off time. Once the start times are published (early March), you willnot be able to change your start time. You can change your estimated completion time before 1 March 2024, either by altering your registration online or by emailing us at No changes to your estimated completion time are possible after 1 March 2024.
  • Are there checkpoints/water stations?
    Yes, there will be checkpoints/water stations available on both 25km and 50km routes. More details will follow when the route is published
  • Are there cut off times?
    We will have pre-communicated cut off times for each distance. These cut off times will ensure participants are able to finish in daylight. The exact cut off times will be communicated at a later stage. Please make sure you include an accurate estimated completion time for your challenge, that way we'll be able to ensure you are in the appropriate wave for your running/walking speed and you'll have the best opportunity to complete the challenge
  • How do I calculate my estimated completion time?
    The estimated completion time is important as it ensures we can place participants in the appropriate wave starts. If you have never done the distance before it may be hard to estimate an accurate estimated completion time, but we'd recommend considering the following: Ultra 50k: You should NOT simply take your 10k PB and multiply by 5! The course is off road/trail and the terrain will vary, there will be hills, you will stop at checkpoints, you will need to take on food as well as water, you will need to cross roads and at times wait for pedestrian lights etc. You may also be slower than your normal run or recent race due to the distance. So, all the above will impact your finish time. The best way to estimate your estimated completion time is on a training run (of say, 25km) double your time and then add some more on for slower running, stops at checkpoints etc. Your estimated completion time may also be impacted by your strategy - you may want to run it with friends, or walk the middle 10km etc. So all of the above will need to be taken into account, but we do recommend you err on the side of caution for your estimated completion time, especially if it your first ultramarathon.
  • Can I volunteer?
    Yes, absolutely! The event will need lots of volunteers and we are really appreciate everyone who gives their time to help us put the event on. There are some great volunteer roles available, from helping with registration to helping keep the runners going at checkpoints and awarding medals. To volunteer, please fill in some contact details here. Thank you!
  • Can I add merchandise to my order, after I have entered?
    Yes, please use one of the following links to add merchandise:
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