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ULTRAS - What to expect

We'll support you throughout your ultra journey. We'll email you with hints, tips, blogs and support in the build up to the event. Whether it's what to wear or bring or how to tackle the distance, we'll support you every step of the way.

Collect your event pack (and any merchandise purchased) on event day, and you'll be ready to take on the Queen of the Suburbs Ultra

Pre Event

The Route

The route will include Ealing's parks, greenways, blueways and leafy green paths - all await you.

The route is mainly off-road and mixed terrain.


The route will include many of the highlights of London's greenest Borough - including Horsenden Hill, canal tow paths and many of the parks and green spaces in Ealing. 

GPX and KML files of the finalised routes will be available to all entrants, along with a Google map.

Medical & wellbeing

Medics will be available to provide assistance, if needed. The best way to avoid needing the support of our medical team is to prepare well, wear appropriate clothing, stay hydrated throughout and adapt your run to the conditions.

You may also find it helpful to team up to help each other through the challenge.


The Ultra 50k and Trail 25k only has individual options, but you're very welcome to take part as a group with friends/family. So, if you have a team of you wanting to take part - why not agree to all walk/run it together?

A super-cool medal awaits all finishers.


Water will be provided at Checkpoints along the course. Please bring your own water/fuel for the start of the challenge, and then top up your bottle or collapsible cup at the water station(s). In the interests of sustainability, we do not provide any plastic cups. Please bring your own re-usable cup.

The Route

Community Support

The Queen of the Suburbs Ultra takes in the best of West London. You will soon understand why Ealing is called the Queen of the Suburbs. The Borough of Ealing also has a wonderfully supportive community who each year cheer on participants in our sister event - the Ealing Half Marathon.


We know that similar support will be given to the Ultra 50km and Trail 25k runners and walkers as the journey through a challenging route including parks, trails, greenways and blueways. 


Both the Ultra 50k and Trail 25k routes offer stunning views of the surrounding areas and a unique opportunity to explore the hidden trails and routes of West London in a new way.

Enter today.

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