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Saturday 23 March 2024


West London's ultramarathon - the Queen of the Suburbs Ultra is now LIVE. ENTER today and claim your place on the start line.

Stunning Trail 25k and Ultra 50k run/walk route through the parks, greenways and blueways of Ealing - the 'Queen of the Suburbs'.

The London Borough of Ealing is known as the ‘Queen of the Suburbs’ – an area that was easily reached from Central London on public transport but with the feeling of being in or close to the countryside.

The Queen of the Suburbs Ultra is owned and created by EHM Legacy CIC (Community Interest Company) and is our lockdown legacy. Back in 2020 and 2021 when in-person events were not possible, we set the challenge of running in each one of Ealing's stunning parks and green spaces - the Queen of the Suburbs Challenge, a virtual event.


Some participants decided to run to and between many of the parks, clocking up significant distances. The idea of an ultramarathon entirely within the Borough of Ealing was born. In 2024 you can be the first to take on Queen of the Suburbs Ultra - Saturday 23 March 2024 Find out more.


Ultra 50k

Trail 25k

Virtual Challenge

Ultra 50k - a single loop along the footpaths, tow paths, trails and parks of Ealing.

Checkout the Ultra 50k route. GPX files will be available to all entrants.

Walk, run or jog a single-lap 25k route through Ealing's stunning borough.

Checkout the Trail 25k route. GPX files will be available to all entrants.

A FREE challenge - 25k or 50k throughout the month of March 2024. Super-cool medals up for grabs

Ultra Marathon


Saturday 23 March 2024

Queen of the Suburbs Ultra is West London's ultramarathon. The challenge takes you through a scenic route through the parks and along the greenways and blueways of Ealing, the Queen of the Suburbs. Choose from our Ultra 50k or the Trail 25k.

Whether you're a seasoned ultramarathoner or a beginner, Queen of the Suburbs Ultra offers surprising hidden trails, stunning views and a challenging experience that you won't forget.

Enjoy the route through Ealing's parks, along canal paths and a climb up Horsenden Hill to take a great view of Wembley Stadium and beyond. The Queen of the Suburbs Ultra has it all, within just one London Borough - Ealing.

We are also looking for a team of volunteers to help us deliver the event. If you're interested in filling a key event day role, then please complete the following form - thank you! VOLUNTEER Today



Run for a Cause
Training and Preparation
Travel and Accommodation

At Queen of the Suburbs Ultra, we believe in giving back to the community. Join us in supporting our partner charities by running for a cause. It's a great opportunity to make a difference while achieving your personal goals.

The event is also charity-owned, one of very few charity-owned ultramarathons in the UK. Every entry is supporting our work to make Ealing London's running Borough.

Whether you are planning to run, walk or run/walk, preparing for an ultra-marathon requires planning and training. We will help you prepare, point you in the right direction for support and advice, and provide some great blogs to help you learn more about the ultra experience.

Every step you make, you are closer to becoming an ultramarathoner!

Ultramarathons are typically in remote, hard to reach places, which can often lead to expensive weekends, with costs of travel, accommodation and food.


However, by hosting our event in the Capital, we are hoping to provide an inclusive and accessible ultramarathon.  The Queen of the Suburbs Ultra will be easy to get to and home from for many. And easy for your supporters to reach multiple parts of the course. 

VOLUNTEER for the Queen of the Suburbs Ultra



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